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This post is written in semi-delirium as we sprint to the finish line of opening day for Barre & Soul Harvard Square!  I thought I would check in with a quick photo-heavy update on what’s been happening, as well as share a little something you might find valuable.  First, the update:

Scout Cambridge

Thanks Scout Cambridge for the mention! So we didn’t open on the 13th as planned, but we will be open on Monday, July 20th, 2015!  That’s in about 4 days.

The studio is coming along beautifully, and Jason, our wonderful designer Samantha, and I have been all hands on deck making the final preparations.

Yoga Studio Harvard SquareThis never gets old…red rum

barre harvard square The first barre is up, and it works!teal piano

(Side note, Samantha had a brilliant idea that I’d love to try – finding an old piano and painting it teal for the yoga room.  If anyone has an old piano with a decent sound, please let me know!)barre studio harvard square

We even put this nice young man to work.  He wouldn’t smile for me, but I actually think he enjoyed this job.  Speaking of which, Roman is doing his first ever summer job!  Not washing windows, he’s a camp counselor.  I’m a proud mama!Harvard Square Barre Studio

My first sighting of the studio after dark stopped me in my tracks.  I can’t believe this is happening!

Yoga Teacher Training Boston

I also just want to mention how proud I am of our 2015 Yoga Teacher Training graduates in Melrose!

OK, so with all this excitement, do you wonder how the hell I get it all done?  Good!  Because I’d like to share with you My Top 4 Tips for Doing It All.

Doing It All

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Thanks for reading, and  I’ll see you in Harvard Square!

My Favorite ‘Secret’ Hidden Gems of Boston

hidden gems of boston

Spicy Margaritas, karaoke and hula hoops… these are a few of my favorite things…


Thanks for asking me to share some “secret” Boston spots that I love!


Ready to discover some hidden gems and maybe find a new favorite of your own?


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Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Fear is Good by Steven Pressfield


This week, I’ve been sharing the above quote with my yoga and barre classes.

This quote comes from Steven Pressfield in The War of Art, a book that inspired me to start my business, Barre & Soul®.  I’m sharing it with you all this week in the hopes that it inspires you too.

When I decided to start Barre & Soul®, I did feel fear.  I am grateful someone asked me this question:

Which is worse: the fear of doing it, or the fear of not doing it?

Immediately, I knew.  It was on.

This has served me well each time I get ready to take a new risk.  When I laid eyes on the space for the new studio in Harvard Square (which is currently under construction,) I was overwhelmed by the fear of NOT creating a studio there, which is how I knew it had to be done.

andrea construction selfie

My most notable skill on the construction site: taking selfies.

Even though construction is stressful (is ‘predictably unpredictable’ an oxymoron? Because it describes life pretty perfectly at the moment…) and I have no way of knowing yet whether this studio will be a success, or whether it’ll just turn out to be the most expensive mistake of my life, I couldn’t NOT find out.

After all, what’s the worst that could happen?  (Answer: zombie apocalypse, obviously. And totally unrelated to the success or failure of my business.)

Ask yourself which is greater: the fear of doing it or the fear of not doing it.

Here’s to feeling the fear, and doing it anyway.


@stephanielangemakeup on instagram

@stephanielangemakeup on instagram

When this ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo of Stephanie Lange showed up in my Instagram feed, I remember thinking, “How cool is that — a REAL-looking ‘before’ photo!”

I loved it immediately, and was not the least bit surprised.  It seemed consistent with this makeup artist’s friendly, open, and down-to-earth persona.

I had begun following her after stumbling across her YouTube channel, which is full of great makeup tutorials.  I loved the content of her videos, but what made them really great was her personality; she seemed to have a vulnerable, unguarded way of being.

Unfortunately, sometimes people just act like total A-Holes.

As it turns out, this photo was met with quite a few abusive comments on Instagram.  It seems that having the veil pulled back on the carefully constructed images of beauty we are so used to seeing was threatening for many viewers, who bombarded her with nasty comments in reference to her ‘before’ image.

Shortly afterward, she posted the following message on her YouTube Channel, along with a video response:

I wanted to address this notion that people are ‘ugly’ without their makeup. As i said in the video, i get a lot of comments on photos that i post on my Instagram (@stephanielangemakeup) such as:

‘This is Why Men Have Trust Issues’
‘This is Why You Should Always Take a Girl To The Beach on a First Date’
‘She’s So Ugly Without Makeup!!’

…. and that i basically paint a new face on and ‘trick’ people into thinking i’m pretty – when i’m not.

This frustrates me, as I don’t want anyone to feel ashamed or embarrassed of their bare, makeup-free face. It’s comments like these that make girls AND boys who wear makeup, feel ugly when they’re not wearing it.

-Stephanie Lange

Here’s what I love about her video:

  • She stands her ground not just on her own behalf, but on behalf of people everywhere who’d rather not be shamed for SIMPLY SHOWING THEIR FACE.  Standing up for yourself and others takes Boldness.
  • She stays positive, never stooping to their level or being nasty in return.  Taking the high road takes Integrity.
  • She ACTUALLY TRIES TO EDUCATE PEOPLE about why their comments were harmful. Teaching someone instead of telling them to f*ck off takes Compassion.

Boldness, Integrity, Compassion…  In my opinion, this may just be the formula for sustainable feminism — a strong, assertive, kind approach that is inclusive rather than alienating, even when others’ behavior is SO damn frustrating.  It is important to remember that even when people ACT horrible, it doesn’t mean they ARE horrible.  Let’s not give up on changing the world!  Just my two cents.

You can watch the full “rant” post below, and I HIGHLY recommend watching it because SHE IS AMAZING.

No, I will not edit my ‘before’ photo like I know a lot of other people do, because I don’t care about making an illusion of what I do or don’t look like without makeup — that’s just my face.

-Stephanie Lange

Question!  Are you comfortable being photographed without makeup?

I must admit, I’m not!  Since I don’t like to be scared of anything, here’s a photo of me having a fantastic breakout.  Hey, that’s just my face.

its just my face


So, What’s Your Thing?

bearded lady transforms

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