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Photo Shoot with Brian Doherty Photography and B.Fetching

Andrea 2 Andrea and Elise Andrea Boss Andrea Full Size Family 3Elise Family 4 RomanFamily Jason and AndreaSome fun facts about this photo shoot:

1) My family and I look like this every single day.
2) Fact #1 is a lie.
3) I was so stressed out prior to the shoot (for both work and personal reasons) that I broke down in tears while having my makeup done. The makeup artist actually offered to pray with me, which caused me to cry more, only because it was so unbelievably sweet. I ended up having two glasses of wine and everything was OK.
4) Fact #3 is absolutely true. I’m telling you guys, I cry all the time.
5) Brian not only captured some amazing shots of us, but he was a PLEASURE to work with, made everyone feel comfortable right away, and even brought a girl-power-themed playlist to keep us energized.
6) Keely of B.Fetching spent weeks finding the perfect outfits for the whole family. She and I really wanted to create something fun, edgy and non-traditional, and I think we nailed it.
7) That amazing sparkly outfit and the Boss shirt were borrowed from Keely’s closet.
8) Brian was only in town for a short time, and because of rain in the forecast, we ended up having to do the shoot on a school night. Roman was totally stressing about his homework the whole time. He had to stay up pretty late to finish it, but when I showed him a sneak peek of the photos that night, he actually smiled, said they were amazing, and agreed that it was all worth it.

Photographer: Brian Doherty Photography
Creative Director: B.Fetching


What the F*ck are We To Do About Street Harassment?

street harassment

Good news everybody!  I’ve got a nice ass.  I was told not once but TWICE in the same day, by complete strangers!

My ass is so nice in fact, some people can’t stop themselves from shouting it through their car windows as they drive past me, even when I’m standing with my kids.

Well, all I can say is, thank God.  All the barre classes have finally paid off!

…Kidding, obviously! Sigh…

A few months back, I read an article that a male yoga teacher (read: presumably evolved, compassionate man) had shared on Facebook. In a mocking tone, the author lists ‘complaining about street harassment’ as one of the many forms of ‘humble-bragging’ so rampant on social media.

Ummm, really dude? Bragging??? By the author’s standards, this entire blog post is one big ‘humble-brag’ about all the ass-mirers I’m forced to deal with.

I guess if you’re not a woman, or have never been on the receiving end of street harassment, it may be hard to imagine how creepy, degrading, and even threatening it can feel.

And as much as I know that, as Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent,” it is hard not to react with anger and fear every time.

In case anyone reading this is still skeptical, please let me assure you: street harassment does not feel like a compliment. It feels like a mini, verbal sexual assault. Something on the low end of the rape spectrum. It can really fuck up your day.

When a stranger has the audacity to open his mouth and make any comment about your ass, what he’s really saying is, “You might think you’re all that, but you ain’t shit.” Manners do not apply.

And what is the appropriate response?  “Fuck off?” Instinctively, that’s what I want to say. But I’m pretty sure that’s not the answer.

My female yogi friends and I have been tossing this dilemma around for years.

As compassionate, presumably mindful yoga teachers, we know there’s gotta be a better answer than “fuck off.”

As Albert Einstein wisely said, “Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding.”

And Understanding People know that no one is all bad. The wise-ass tow-truck driver who hollered at me from his window may be the same person who would go out of his way to be helpful and kind if I were stranded on the path

I’d been reflecting on this a lot one day as I walked the peaceful Minuteman bike path in Lexington.  Two men stopped to asked me where the visitor’s center was.  They were Asian tourists, with good English and heavy accents, and they were a little lost.

As I stood there pointing them in the right direction, a white woman on an expensive-looking bike swerved around one of them, and shouted, “Get out of the way, asshole!”

I immediately felt the need to defend them – imagine the millions of possible faux pas one makes visiting another country! This man had blocked the bike lane, but not intentionally.

I called out to her that her words weren’t very kind or civilized and she mumbled a few more things over her shoulder as she sped away.

In that moment, I was reminded of my harassers. I recognized this cowardice.

See, I get the most grief right in front of my house, as I walk from my car to my front door. I think it’s because I live on a busy street with no traffic lights or stop signs. The cat-callers are able to sling their petty words at me without having to slow down and be confronted.

The woman on the bike path was no better, no worse. She was just wrong. Wrong to think that other people don’t matter, and most especially, wrong to think that we are separate from each other, any of us.

We are all one. The woman on the bike, the Asian tourists, the tow-truck driver, and me with my fine ass. All one.

Now, if you please, can you help me come up with a socially evolved response for the next time this happens?

Because, FOR FUCK’S SAKE PEOPLE… I know we can do better than this.

The Eagle is in the Nest!

It has happened. Oh yes! This baby has arrived…

turquoise piano

I will even play it for you (in fast motion!)

Guess what arrived in our #HarvardSquare yoga studio?! #Cambridge #Yoga #barre #stairwaytoheaven

A video posted by Andrea Isabelle Lucas (@barresoul) on

And YES you can definitely play it too!

turquoise piano

Yoga mats, hula hoops, and a turquoise piano??  What more could a yoga studio need!!

A big THANK YOU to the Longy School of Music in Cambridge for donating this wonderful new addition to our studio!

So much more to share with you but for now, just this!  Have a great weekend…

Links to Help You Embrace Back to School

goodbye summer

Goodbye sweet summer!  I know, we’re still enjoying every last bit of it we can get.  But back-to-school has happened, and the good news is, September is a great month to get back into a healthy routine.  Here are a few links to help you make the most of the transition.

Keeping limber and strong:

If you need a no-nonsense fitness routine that produces actual results and keeps you safe from injury, seriously check out barre!  I have been practicing it for 10 years now and I swear by it.  Ever wonder where the barre craze really started?  It wasn’t just ballet class!  It was this saucy lady, Lotte Berk.  Also,here’s an article explaining the benefit of doing body weight glute exercises, which happens to be exactly what we do in barre.

Feeding your body well:

If you want to get your nutrition on track after enjoying all the social eating and drinking that summer brings, check this out.  And also, I love local trainer Stacey Schaedler’s blog, SO much.

Chasing your dreams:

If you need inspiration for tackling new goals this season, check this out.

Dressing the kids:

And finally, a few favorite back-to-school items I grabbed for Elise!  This shirt, this t-shirt and this sweater from Forever 21, and these floral sneakers from H&M are her absolute favorites.

I hope you enjoy finding your way into a new routine that supports you feeling your best.  I know for me it seems like change is in the air, and that can be stressful!  Here’s to taking deep breaths and embracing change as it comes.  Happy “other new year!”


My Favorite Healthy Breakfast

healthy breakfastThis week I got to share my favorite healthy breakfast with Boston Magazine!

I swear it’s easy — you know I’m a busy lady! — not to mention filling and delicious.

Check it out over here!